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A networking site for intelligent and intellectual gay men

Connecting smart men in smarter ways

How it works:

The purpose of this site is to connect intelligent and intellectual gay men with each other.

This is a new, and growing, free site, run by Marty Schoenhals, a gay anthropology professor from New York City.

1) Email me (Marty Schoenhals) at (just type your full name, email address, and "add to list") so I can contact you about future Intellectual Gays activities. Tell your friends too; the sooner a critical mass of interested people develops, the sooner real networking can begin. This email list will be low volume and your information will never be given or sold to anyone else.

2) Here are some ideas I am working on. Please contact me with your feedback. I want to hear from you. Detailed emails are especially encouraged.

Which ideas below, #1-6, do you like? Email me at, with a subject heading of "IG feedback." Please also send feedback on p. 2, my thoughts and critiques, which you can access from the navigation bar, at left.

Rationale for Intellectual Gays: It's almost 40 years after Stonewall, yet dating among gay men seems to have regressed. The post-Stonewall proliferation of non-sexual relationships among gay men, open and group-oriented, is viewed by gay scholars as having built the foundation for the origins of a genuine gay community. The Internet, with its emphasis on looks and its dyadic and quasi-anonymous nature, runs counter to this foundation. For those of us who value our minds and hearts more than our looks and image, the narrow basis of gay dating and networking is especially problematic, a major obstacle in our quest for affirmation and for the forming of meaningful relationships.

There may be many ways to expand the basis of gay networking, and many constituencies to be served. This web site focuses on connecting intellectual men for friendship, romance, and group support.

A few ideas:

1) Use this web site to reach out to intellectual gay men uncomfortable with the superficiality prevalent in many gay circles. Bring us together in regional meetings. Meetings could focus on discussion of topics of interest to participants or the reading and discussion of books, gay-themed and/or non-gay-themed.

2) We might also attend academic or cultural events. This would be relatively easy to organize, at least in larger cities. Question: Which events would interest you?

3) A friend of mine suggested travel as a way for gay intellectuals to meet and socialize. Trips could focus on learning about different cultures and historical times, or about social movements abroad (especially appealing to me as a cultural anthropologist!).

4) I'd love to work on collective academic or academic/political projects with other intelligent gay men. Is this too ambitious? What topics might be of interest? Media critiques seem to be especially popular in the group for gay academics I've organized in New York City, The Academic Circle. (New York academics: Please join our group. For meeting times and place call the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center switchboard at (212) 620-7310 or email me at

5) Your ideas? I'd especially like to find ways for relatively long-term (stable and permanent) friendship groups to develop. Such groups might take inspiration from some of the ways other cultures have connected single people into family-like groups, with mutual care and affection supplementing casual friendship.

6) Personals: I'd like to see personals for intellectual gay men. I might organize this, if there is sufficient interest and if there are two or three people to help me.

Email me (Marty Schoenhals) at with your feedback! Please also go to p. 2, my thoughts and critiques, which you can access with the navigation bar, to the left.